Hi, I’m Simon Rodriguez

Welcome to my blog...

Since I have memory, film and animation have been a huge part of my life, growing up I always told myself that one day I’ll be telling my own stories and creating my own characters, for me animation is powerful, it can bring a group of people together to create something truly special, help a community making them feel represented on screen, and most importantly, it’s the best way to tell your story, if you can express your experiences through a story, That’s it, cause. there’s no limits.

This blog was mainly inspired by my own obsession with all this stuff and being able to share this with people is really special to me. I love talking about it, seeing others opinions and expressing my love for it while keep working on my skills as an artist. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you connect with these shows and films as much as I, and I really hope you share it with the world, thank you for supporting this site.

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