Avatar The Last Airbender breaking a Netflix record

This past May Nickelodeon fans had the opportunity to experience Avatar The Last Airbender on Netflix, the series had a massive following already but because of Netflix contract with Nickelodeon, they were able to make the series it part of their catalog.

photo of the series, all rights to Nickelodeon

Avatar The Last Airbender broke the record for most popular show on Netflix being #1 on the trending titles the platform has for 53 consecutive days, beating Ozark and other shows that had been on there for years. People that already loved the show re-watched it and new viewers got engaged fast on the incredible masterpiece the series is.

photo of the comics, all rights to Nickelodeon

Netflix is developing a live-action series but there’s no information on the date or even a trailer for it, and there’s fans that love the idea and others who just remember the 2010 movie wich was a complete monstrosity, but Netflix right now has gold in his hand, they have a lot much potential and infinite possibilities with the series.

photo of the series, all rights to Nickelodeon and Netflix

This month their adding The Legend of Korra and that’s exciting, because it’s the continuation of the original, but the big question here is what are they going to do?, you see the world of Avatar is so big that the possibilities are endless, and the creators of the show said they were done with Korra so maybe Netflix can make a Book 4 of the original, bringing back the characters and telling the story of what happened after the war ended. Or maybe they could make another spin-off showing other characters featured on the original show. Avatar has a series of comic showing what happened after, they could base Book 4 off those. Netflix has everything to make this right, they are developing the live- action movie, and they have both series on their hands, they have to make a wise decision to make this work. But in the mean time, if they do something or not, we can just enjoy Avatar The Last Airbender and wait for the release of The Legend of Korra.

photo of the series, all rights to Nickelodeon
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