Raya and The Last Dragon, Disney’s newest Project

Raya and The Last Dragon is the newest movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios coming March 2021, Disney showed us the first look by giving us a teaser trailer, showing us the synopsis of the movie and a bit of image about the world, characters, and theme of the story. Even though I feel like […]

Disney’s July 2020 programing and the new era of animation for this decade

Disney released their new programing plan for Disney Channel and Disney XD showing us what is coming and how they are going to put out their shows throughout this month. Amphibia Since the end of season 1 or Part 1 of Amphibia last year, and the launch of the season on Disney+, Amphibia has fans […]

The Disney Renaissance

The Disney Renaissance is a Time period from the year 1989 to 1999 in wich Disney released some of their biggest movies wich became iconic worldwide and made Disney the Company it is today. Some people may think this is just a bunch of successful movies Disney made at the time, but I have to […]