I Am Not Okay With This

Netflix Early This year Streamed their new show “I Am Not Okay With This”, An adaptation from Charles Forsman’s graphic novel with the same title. Having the same producers from other Netflix Shows such as “Stranger Things” and “The End Of The F***ing World” The show follows Syd, a girl living in a small town, trying to survive high school, her mom, and overcoming the monster that is puberty, although she has a dark secret that nobody knows except her neighbor Stan.

Screenshot of the series, all rights to Netflix

When I first saw the trailer for the show I thought it looked really good, even though I haven’t read the novel, it appealed to me. And when I finally watched it…oh boy! what a ride!. Of Course this review is spoiler free but let me tell you the show is extremely DARK. I read some articles and I researched about the graphic novel And I saw some complaints from fans of the novel saying that they changed the original ending, but as I said I haven’t read the novel so I can’t say anything about it, but I liked the show. Sure its not The best Netflix has but I thought the production, Script and cast was really good.

The cast Is composed by Sophia Lillis as the main character and Wyatt Oleff as the antagonist. Both young actors previously were part of  the cast of the “IT” movies, Wich made their roles on the show better because both actors have a good connection, because they know each other and have worked together before. And the rest of the cast was great too.

Screenshot of the series, all rights to Netflix

The concept of the story is interesting, talking about superpowers in a much mature, dark, and troubling way. Showing the difficulty of growing up and being different from what teenagers normally are, Syd in the show feels different but in her case she just thinks different than most people and also  having other problems that aren’t normal for kids her age.

I really liked that this show talked in a visual way about mental health, a very strong subject that not that many shows talk about in the way this show does. During the story Syd never looks for help or admits she needs help even though she knows that nothing that is happening to her is normal. She tells her neighbor Stan about it, and they became good friends. But this shows how a lot of teens these days don’t trust their parents when it comes to talking about how they’re feeling, and showing how teens sometimes suffer with a lot of society’s problems, especially at school.

Suicide, depression, fear, anger, and other things are shown, Having a big impact on the main character. Its nothing new because other shows have done the same thing, but in my opinion this show presents it in a different “paranormal” way. For fans of the novel I think they would enjoy the show, and for people just looking for something new to watch, it’s a good option, the show is action packed, with things happening all the time. Its also very short, having only seven episodes.

“I Am Not Okay With This” is now streaming on Netflix.

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