Kid Cosmic Review

Kid Cosmic is the newest Netflix original animated series that came out the past February 2nd. From legendary animator Craig McCracken (creator of The PowerPuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Wander Over Yonder), Kid Cosmic is the newest masterpiece and absolutely gorgeous art style animated series of his, bringing something so unique and fresh to Netflix.

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I loved Kid Cosmic, from its textures and art style, to the incredibly touching and beautiful story, to the characters. I think that this is the type of show we needed, once again I come back to the thought that people still think animation is just for kids, even though studios like Pixar and Ghibli have had a massive following from adults that are captivated by their stories, there’s still so many animated series that are so incredibly beautiful but are marketed towards kids, and that’s not bad, but it does make it harder for adults or teens to come across them and actually decide to dive into these stories.

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Although, Kid Cosmic is a really dark show, with a lot of violence and adult like themes presented in a kid friendly way, it’s a show for everyone. Now let’s talk about the story, Kid, Jo, Papa G, Rosa, Tuna and Chuck are truly some of the best characters I’ve seen in a long time, each of them brings something to the story, they’re truly a team, a family and that’s really special because were talking about real people, sure they’re animated characters but in the story they’re a group of people living in a lonely deserted town were nothing exciting ever happens, and then they’re lives change completely when they discover something bigger than themselves, coming together and saving the day. That is the kinds of stories we need right now, you don’t have to be powerful or have a lot of money to do something meaningful, to be the hero, one act of kindness inspires another one, making it an endless cycle.

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Kid is the type of guy I relate too, so passionate that he disconnects from the real world, but then his dreams start becoming a reality, making him confused and excited, but still giving everything he has. The stones kind of remind of the Infinity Stones and at first I wasn’t very convinced on this aspect but as the story progressed and when the season ended I then understood a lot more about them and they’re place in the story. But I think it’s just such a well-executed show, the color palettes the comic book style, the music, the character design everything on point, once again Craig McCracken created another beautiful piece of work that I know will have a bright future.

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I’m really not going to more about the story because I don’t want to spoil anything but, you can watch the first season now on Netflix.

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