Phineas And Ferb The Movie: Candace Against The Universe New trailer and music video

The new Phineas and Ferb movie coming to Disney Plus on August 28 is looking very promising, giving older viewers who grew up with the show a new and fresh story as well as introducing new viewers to the classic infinite summer of both brothers and of course their sister Candace. Last week Disney released a trailer for the movie as well as the poster, new shots of the film, and a new music video with a new song being feature on the film as well.

poster of the movie, all rights to Disney

The story follows Candace as she decides to completely forget about what Phineas and Ferb do, basically she gave up on busting them, and now she’s looking for a new fresh start on her life enjoying her summer…until she gets captured by aliens and it’s up to the whole gang to get her back to Earth.

photo of the movie, all rights to Disney

Just another classic and unique Phineas and Ferb adventure. I grew up with the show and it has a special place in my heart so I’m really looking forward to seeing it. You can now watch the trailer on YouTube, and wait for the release this August 28 on Disney Plus.

photo of the movie, all rights to Disney
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