What happened to Sym-Bionic Titan, the strange cancellation of an incredible series

Sym-Bionic Titan was a Cartoon Network series that first aired back in 2010, as the channels new series. It was previously announced in San Diego Comic Con 2009 and then debuted in September of 2010.

photo of the series, all right to Cartoon Network

The show is created by the one and only Genndy Tartakovsky, you may know him from his others shows such as “Samurai Jack”, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, or his most recent project “Primal”. Genndy Tartakovsky was also the director for all 3 “Hotel Transilvania”, we’ll get into that later…

Gendy had the idea for the show for some time and he started working on it for the studio, the series only had 20 episodes each one was 22 minutes long, the series has a really big and greta story arc with so much potential, not only the world of Galaluna and how they show Earth is amazing but the best part is the characters.

screenshot of the series, all right to Cartoon Network

Lance, Ilana, and Octus are some of the best characters I’ve seen, their relationship is very nice and how all three interact on any situation from having to get to school fast, to fighting a giant monster from another world is just great.

But even though the show had great animation and story, Cartoon Network just cancelled it for no reason, the series has so much potential to become something even better, but still only 20 episodes and some fans are what remain of the series. And it’s sad seeing that creative people that work hard on making something and telling a story is just completely ruined by big studios, I think the best example for that subject is how Nickelodeon treats is creators and their stories, cancelling some of the best animated shows ever and letting people forget about it by making more Spongebob episodes or movies.

screenshot of the series, all right to Cartoon Network

But doing some research about why the series just ended, apparently it was because there wasn’t enough stuff to make merchandise of the show. In the animation industry not only the creative process of the shows or movies is important but also how the studios makes money out of it, and the best way is with merchandise; but I still don’t get why? I mean Sym-Bionic Titan is a show about a giant robot fighting giant monsters, any kid would think that’s cool and kids love giant robots, the series had everything to make great merchandise.

screenshot of the series, all right to Cartoon Network

The other reason was that apparently the series ended because Genndy Tartakovsky at the time was going to work with Sony Pictures Animation on “Hotel Transilvania”, so I think that’s a fair reason because maybe the studio decided to end the series instead of finding a new team and a new director to take over the project because it may lose its essence. But for now there’s no clear reason why so in the meantime if you haven’t watched Sym-Bionic Titan you can see it on Netflix right now and if you have you can be like me and still support the show even though it released 10 years ago.

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